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As we are inundated with many potential course corrections, and the mistrust grows beyond any visible horizon, there are ways to learn a simple system that will effectively increase navigation skills.

Personnel are vetted in a painful process that lacks the simple “nature” of the individual. That is, the answer to the question, “What will this person do if given this post or position ?”

Elected officials and appointees to high military posts or ambassadorships, can be effectively filtered using ancient calendars.

A quick example, HW Bush was born on 1 Kame in Jewel decan. That is the day of physical death in a decan that tenaciously holds onto personal information. Information goes in but does not come out. His physical facial features are easily identified as Kame. His post as CIA director and events during his charge confirm the negative traits of this analysis. This archetype would never be placed in that position if displaying the negative aspects. That is the simplicity of archetypal identification.

9/11 is the causation of very much action that is regrettable. We must first learn the information about this day to prevent further dispersion and destruction. The day of Sept 11, 2001 was the day of Imox. (pronounced “eemoshe”)  Imox is the 11th day of the 20 days and is associated with calamity, successful lies, and head turning scandal or deceit that is elusive.  It is a hypnotic energy that confuses the truth. This energy is built into nature as a survival mechanism, but is absolutely something everyone in charge of a group of people anywhere on this planet should know about intimately.

A few examples, Jody Arias, Casey Anthony, Octomom, Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman incident, Rebecca Brooks phone scandal, Aurora theater massacre, and on and on with examples of calamity that seem to permeate the attention of the masses with a sense of stupification and bewilderment as to what exactly happened.

Anything as big as 9/11 stands out like an ink stain on a brand new white shirt when it comes to calendrics.  To make it easy, the first 20 hexagrams of the I-Ching are in direct numerical correlation with the 20 day descriptors. Imox is day 11, and below is hexagram # 11 which clearly displays the attributes of 9/11 with the proper advice contained toward the end, ” Not time to use the army” Here is the entire page from the I-Ching.  There are some very good people born on the day, so it is important to understand the energy completely. Imox and Iq are a pair and Cheney was born on Iq.  My analysis follows the hexagram text.


In Thâi (we see) the little gone and the great come. (It indicates that) there will be good fortune, with progress and success.

1. The first NINE, undivided, suggests the idea of grass pulled up, and bringing with it other stalks with whose roots it is connected. Advance (on the part of its subject) will be fortunate.

2. The second NINE, undivided, shows one who can bear with the uncultivated, will cross the Ho without a boat, does not forget the distant, and has no (selfish) friendships. Thus does he prove himself acting in accordance with the course of the due Mean.

3. The third NINE, undivided, shows that, while there is no state of peace that is not liable to be disturbed, and no departure (of evil men) so that they shall not return, yet when one is firm and correct, as he realises the distresses that may arise, he will commit no error. There is no occasion for sadness at the certainty (of such recurring changes); and in this mood the happiness (of the present) may be (long) enjoyed.

4. The fourth SIX, divided, shows its subject fluttering (down);–not relying on his own rich

p. 82

resources, but calling in his neighbours. (They all come) not as having received warning, but in the sincerity (of their hearts).

5. The fifth six, divided, reminds us of (king) Tî-yî’s (rule about the) marriage of his younger sister. By such a course there is happiness and there will be great good fortune.

6. The sixth six, divided, shows us the city wall returned into the moat. It is not the time to use the army. (The subject of the line) may, indeed, announce his orders to the people of his own city; but however correct and firm he may be, he will have cause for regret.


82:XI The language of the Thwan has reference to the form of Thâi, with the three strong lines of Khien below, and the three weak lines of Khwăn above. The former are ‘the great,’ active and vigorous; the latter are ‘the small,’ inactive and submissive. But where have the former ‘come’ from, and whither are the latter gone?’ In many editions of the Yî beneath the hexagram of Thâi here, there appears that of Kwei Mei, the 54th in order ( ), which becomes Thâi, if the third and fourth lines exchange places. But in the notes on the Thwan, in the first Appendix, on hexagram 6, I have spoken of the doctrine of ‘changing figures,’ and intimated my disbelief of it. The different hexagrams arose necessarily by the continued manipulation of the undivided and divided lines, and placing them each over itself and over the other. When king Wăn wrote these Thwan, he was taking the 64 hexagrams, as they were ready to his hand, and not forming one from another by any process of divination. The ‘gone’ and ‘come’ are merely equivalent to ‘below’ and ‘above,’ in the lower trigram or in the upper.

A course in which the motive forces are represented by the three strong, and the opposing by the three weak lines, must be progressive and successful. Thâi is called the hexagram of the first month of the year, the first month of the natural spring, when for six months, through the fostering sun and genial skies, the processes of growth will be going on.

p. 83

The symbolism of paragraph 1 is suggested by the three strong lines of Khien all together, and all possessed by the same instinct to advance. The movement of the first will be supported by that of the others, and be fortunate.

The second line is strong, but in an even place. This is supposed to temper the strength of its subject; which is expressed by the first of his characteristics. But the even place is the central; and it is responded to by a proper correlate in the fifth line above. Hence come all the symbolism of the paragraph and the auspice of good fortune implied in it.

Beneath the symbolism in paragraph 3 there lies the persuasion of the constant change that is taking place in nature and in human affairs. As night succeeds to day, and winter to summer, so calamity may be expected to follow prosperity, and decay the flourishing of a state. The third is the last of the lines of Khien, by whose strength and activity the happy state of Thâi has been produced. Another aspect of things may be looked for; but by firmness and correctness the good estate of the present may be long continued.

According to the treatise on the Thwan, the subjects of the fourth and other upper lines are not ‘the small returning’ as opponents of the strong lines below, as is generally supposed; but as the correlates of those lines, of one heart and mind with them to maintain the state of Thâi, and giving them, humbly but readily, all the help in their power.

Tî-yî, the last sovereign but one of the Yin dynasty, reigned from B. C. 1191 to 1155; but what was the history of him and his sister here referred to we do not know. P. Regis assumes that he gave his sister in marriage to the lord of Kâu, known in subsequent p. 84 time as king Wăn, and that she was the famous Thaî-sze;–contrary to all the evidence I have been able to find on the subject. According to Khăng-žze, Tî-yî was the first to enact a law that daughters of the royal house, in marrying princes of the states, should be in subjection to them, as if they were not superior to them in rank. Here line 5, while occupying the place of dignity and authority in the hexagram, is yet a weak line in the place of a strong and its subject, accordingly, humbly condescends to his one, strong and proper correlate in line 2.

The course denoted by Thâi has been run; and will be followed by one of a different and unhappy character. The earth dug from the moat had been built up to form a protecting wall; but it is now again fallen into the ditch. War will only aggravate the evil; and however the ruler may address good proclamations to himself and the people of his capital, the coming evil cannot be altogether averted.

“” end of quotation””

So the advance was successful but the calamity of using the army has affected the entire world.  This was an event that has the primary purpose of “looting” that which was obtained by falsehood. To get away with it. To provide a false pretense. Specifically, the act of returning the walls back into the moat, as an act of deceit. A multi-purpose plan with very serious consequences. The decan of sept 11, is the second decan of Virgo, Quill. This is a Saturn ruled decan with the specific purpose of keeping expenses and receipts. Accounting.

Quill decan 500 ad.


Quill decan, Hokusai # 16, 2nd decan Virgo. This is laundry. Once the socks are washed, it is difficult to know where they walked.

16 Quill

If you flip back to the Garden, you will see that Quill is positioned directly above Imox in the combined systems. They combine to create what could be called, a bad smelling magnet.


Imox is symbolized by nipple of the breast. It is breastmilk. This is the only food a person gets for free. It is essential and yet comes with great hazard if misused. 9/11 is not over and the correction is on the way.  Individuals may escape and the loot may not be recovered, but the end result will be the exposure of the energy that enabled it. Even just this one point will change history as the people don’t like to be fooled. Compare this cosmic lesson to being robbed of your wallet in a bus station. Corrective action will be administered before walking into the next bus station. The energies can be thought of as huge families that are responsible for fixing their own messes.

Check birthdates of public officials.

If it is Ajpu, then they may want to double the money. If it is Imox, examine closely for sincerity (no alchohol). If it is Iq, then keep them from the other 2. If it is Aqabal, then make sure it is not allowed to destroy but only build. If it is Kan, then make sure they are humble and sincere. If it is Kame, then keep them in advisory position based on accuracy of prediction and spiritual development. If it is Batz, then watch for too many rules. If it is Tzikin or Ajmaq, keep it in the pants. If it is Ix, then consider the monetary benefit to the working people. If it is Tijax, then let them manage the small things such as budget. If it is Kawoq, then let them speak on behalf of the others. If it is Kat, be careful as they will want everyone to have the same. If it is Kej, then make sure they earn the position and are not opportunists. If it is E, then let them be involved in finding the path forward. And the best leaders will almost always be Aj. It is the personification of Dorothy from the wizard of Oz.

Noj is for military movement. Qanil is for memory and familial debt. Ajmaq is the ancestors and the wisdom to bond with good decisions in the past. the overview.

Here is the time and the importance of this information. The leadership bodies that have consolidated into large areas of control will be broken into smaller , more manageable groups. Large govt will fail by default of the time. World resources will trend toward benefiting the people who harvest it. The new work will be vetting emerging groups that must be identified by intention. Organization will reach new levels of understanding in leadership hierarchies. Squirmishes will replace wars. Long held financial control will change as the submissive qualities of people are replaced with sovereignty.

False gods will be exposed, and this includes all religions. This is not a decision, but simply a part of the process of time itself.

Under scrutiny, nothing looks very good. Indeed , false religions least of all.

US presidential analysis.

Trump – 4 Aqabal, week of Ajpu, decan of Phoenix.  This is the day of the sheriff in the week of the gun, in the decan of re-birth. he reinvents himself, but Ajpu is “double the money” and seems to have gotten the best of him. If we had control of the military, he might be the guy. but we don’t. His network is full of good people. The religion thing may be a ruse but if it isn’t, trouble is ahead if he is allowed. The armies would be mobilized, for any reason possible. he would wait, then laugh, then cry, then going forward, destroy the host.

Bernie – 6 Aqabal, week of Tijax, Quill. Financial management, but again are we seeing a trend between Iq and Aqabal, the 12th and 13th days ? With Tijax in the mix, he could be the right one to start fixing the money, I say start because he will be attacked if he does. The hope would be a conflict of interest does not arise from his Judaic roots due to the Quill factor. The Aqabal factor is decent here, but complete loyalty to the US is in question.

Clinton – 9 Iq, 13 day week of Ix, decan of Dolphin.  This is very feminine energy, but there is a problem.  Iq is the day of Cheney and Christianity, sacrifice is assumed by these leaders. This archetype had a chance at being an emissary to foreign lands correctly, but this did not work out. Too harsh emotionally to be a leader.  her defining moment, “we came, we saw, he died, ha ha.” Not exactly ambassador speak.

Jeb – 7 Noj,  Batz, Water decan.  A feminine time. A military movement and implementation of ridiculous rules that seem to multiply according to the benefit of the people around him. This gene pool is tainted and should be eliminated from holding office in any place. This is no leader. Check the hexagram for Noj # 7. Only regret would be the product.

Ted Cruz – 4 Ajpu,  Noj,  Rope.  Here we are again looking at the days I have described above. there is a trend. This one is double the money for the military and the Rope can be a sea monster. Ajpu can form a cultish view in people born on the day. There is a dangerous fearfulness in this one. I would call this a military snake. Most unwise leadership choice.

Marco Rubio – 5 Noj, week of Aj, Jewel decan. This is the advance of the military with secrecy and will be cause for regret. again, Jewel is Bush Sr.  Do we want that type of military secrecy to grow exponentially ? While being led by one who will obey powerful interests ? Out of the question. Very much Fire, for the youthful and inexperienced. Completely controlled from elsewhere.

Christie – 4 Batz,  Qanil,  Quill.  Qanil is abundance and Quill is the accountant. Quill comes up again, because money is due to be rectified. The words he speaks do not match his day. Therefore he must be controlled. from elsewhere. or his birthdate information is wrong. The first hint at adding more rules should disqualify him. One unforeseen advantage here would be, he would find the seed of problems. What he does after that would be the concern.

If we were looking for a leader, the place to start would be 11 Aj, week of Aqabal, Falcon decan or Lotus decan.  A woman on 9 Aj would be great. She would restore organization and bring justice. Out of a potential 10 pts with 7 being the minimum number required for me to be compelled to vote at all, the highest would be 4 from the above pool. Might as well grab a snickers. Into the age of sheriffs and accounting we go…



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