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The sources I use to examine the correlations between cultures have been vetted. There may be other sources I do not know about. The process is to examine them together to see the commonalities first individually, then as whole group.  to examine one element say Hydrogen pertaining to the decan of Ax, there is a cloudiness. but, when examining the whole group of decans according to their elements, then it becomes irrefutable.  I recommend incremental advancement according to available time. Small chunks at a time over a period. The correlations only took a day or so for each system, but the detailing and collection of data has taken years.

By having a study guide, it will certainly reduce the necessary time to understand the common link.

Know the day. There are only 20 of them. Its not that difficult. The descriptors are varied according to the culture or even region of the origin. Each person has their own areas of particular interest or application. The days do not change. People have published many things but the days are easily proven. They are scientifically demonstrable in many ways. Perhaps more tangibly than the periodic table. nobody is allowed to have uranium to examine it, but the days are available to all living things.

I use my own date checker,

but I reference others as well.

This is a site I recommend for comparative descriptors

Here is a PDF that is on the Smithsonian site,  the descriptors are good. The descriptions of the glyphs do not match the glyphs themselves, but a good reference overall.

Another page from Smithsonian

You should also check every site that lists day descriptors. Mayan Majix is one and their are others. Make sure they have the correct day. It does not matter if they say Imox is the first day. That will work itself out as time goes by. the important thing is the descriptors and contents of the energies.

Now, the important thing is when correlating. It most certainly matters which day is first, and the I-Ching begins with Batz and that is correct according to the elders I have spoken with personally. It is also my experience after studying them for a short time. I use the translation on Sacred text archives  # 1 is Batz and # 20 is Tzi.

The days are paired in Hokusai’s images for the 20 days. Batz and E are image 1, Aj and Ix are image 2, and so on. These are also public domain. The 36 views are the 36 decans in proper order and the additional 10 are the 20 days.

For the Rider-Waite tarot images , the major arcana are the ones numbered 1 – 20,  the number 0 is the fool, that is us. # 21 is the universe, this is what you have to navigate in this reality. 1 – 20 match very well, but of the systems, it is the visual only that makes sense.  The copyright has expired so the images are available for public use.

Here is an index I have compiled to illustrate the correlations.   if you go to the articles on this page, you will find the illustrated correlations of the minor arcana for the decans.  The Garden, is the full correlated image I have right now, but it still requires one to reference the Index and study the elements of the periodic table. They correlate by function. They also correlate by color. They correlate in many ways. To study the Garden, observe it in sections like a pie. and pi. The universe is made of circles, not squares. Spheres do not orbit each other in square patterns, so, neither do calendars or periodic tables.

Start with the simple day. Add the numbers later when making application of the Trecenas, or as I call them, the 13 day weeks.  Today is Qanil, so one should read what each source says about Qanil. It is the 18th day and the 18th I-Ching hexagram and the 18th major arcana of the Tarot.  Examine the descriptors and the images of the day one is studying. Observe the events of the day either for ones own person or for the news of the day. Notice the animals also. Nature will tell you what day it is. On Qanil, the animals are active and dogs bark at the edge of their territories. The point is to prioritize your day by first knowing what day it is first thing in the morning. Aftyer a time of doing this, your perception will change. You will be feeling yourself becoming in alignment with the energies that permeate the entire cosmos. I would say this takes about a couple weeks for most people. After this, it is hard to ignore and if you turn back, then it is a choice. If you keep going, you will start to notice physiological changes and your intuition may grow quite rapidly. This is because you are observing the natural biorythm of the universe.

Even the standard amino acids correlate with the 20 days by function.

This is the primer. very basic .  The days and decans can be broken down infinitely, but the energies are the same ones repeating in “different sizes”.  Just as we have a 30 day sunsign, we have a year of the same energy in the same order. Also an age. The periodic recurrence is not adjustable. It happens without our permission. So, to that end, one cannot know what is their idea unless one knows what ideas are coming because of the energy of the day. Once you have worked that out, then you will have to know what thoughts or ideas come from ‘others” who may be conscious or in your network. After that, the meaning of dreams will become apparent. They mostly adhere to the energies of the day coming into being while you are sleeping. The energies change sometime between sundown and sunrise.  Where on the earth does this occur ?  Well that is demonstrable and I wait with great anticipation for anyone to get to the point where that question would be coherent enough to understand the answer, but yea, It looks like the day begins in China. The events there match the days first. later is us. Example….

Sandy Hook ( real or not )happened at morning just as school began. Children were attacked. The same exact thing happened in China 12 hours earlier. 20 children were attacked just as school began on that exact same day. They were not killed as the single male attacker used a knife instead of a gun. Kinda mirrors the difference between the US and China don’t it ?  There are many more, but jumping ahead will not be advantageous or auspicious. Study the days. There are 20 of them.

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